Meet Our Cuddle & Scribble Packs

Children and Adults love to Sponsor our Horses and Ponies and even get a special thank you gift.

When you Sponsor a Horse or Pony, you are supporting us in the day to day care of a Horse or Pony of your choice. 

Unfortunately all our Horses and Ponies come to us because they need either rehoming, recuperation or in certain cases, extreme rehabilitation from distressed lives.

Not only do you get to meet and follow the rehabilitation journey of your newly sponsored equine friend, you also get a beautiful thank you pack on behalf on your new friend and all the staff at HAPPA. 

You can also choose from a cute Cuddly Pack or if you are creative, our super fun Scribble Pack. 


Every Second Chance Sponsorship helps a Horses and Ponies Protection Association equine on the road to recovery.